Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why I like Mutant Future

Okay, this'll be my last review in a while, so I'll make it good.

Science Fiction Role-Playing Game of Mutants, Ruins, and Radiation

  • Idea- Most of us are familiar with the traditional pseudo-medieval/magical campaign worlds, and indeed, there are plenty of systems to play these in. But what we don't have is a plethora of new ideas for other worlds. Even though Mutant Future is somewhat of a retro-clone (in this case, it simulates the TSR game Gamma World), it still uses an relatively uncommon idea for a setting - in this case, a post-apocalyptic world where nearly everything has been mutated by high doses of radiation.
  • Compatibility- As it boasts on the cover, Mutant Future uses game mechanics that are quite similar to most retro-clones, especially Labyrinth Lord (the similarity is no coincidence - the same person wrote both games). There's even a section in the back that shows how to convert the two games!
  • Monsters- Easily showing the versatility of the game system, Mutant Future offers practically 50 pages of monsters to choose from - and many are transported straight form the pages of Labyrinth Lord. The Purple Worm, Brain Lasher (AKA Mind Flayer), Green Slime, Yellow Mold, and many other monsters hail straight from the pages of old-school D&D, and it's easy to convert more - you hardly have to change anything!
  • Mutations- The large lists of possible character mutations takes up 14 full pages, giving mutated characters a wide variety of possible abilities and appearances. These range from the useful (natural weapons) to the annoying (prey scent) to the almost disabling (defective second brain) to the incredibly powerful (killing sphere). Even plants get their own mutations!
  • Technology- The range of pre-apocalyptic technology available as treasure is fascinating. Considering that the game is set in a period where medieval levels of tech are predominant, even a simple black powder rifle can be a huge advantage. The levels rise quickly, from assault rifles to gauss pistols to plasma cannons to powered armor. The Mutant Future campaign will not be lacking for treasure.
In summary, Mutant Future is a well-designed game system that will result in many happy hours for gaming groups everywhere.

Well, this is my last post for at least 4 weeks. See ya!

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